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Tim Vidra

Cork Projects Header

I’ve shared a couple of simple cork projects here on Aftertaste – you might remember the wine cork garden markers or the wine cork magnets. With the official start to autumn comes the first stretch of holiday gatherings, and when each has come to a… [Read more...]

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As devoted wine drinkers, we all face the dilemma: You have that rare, special bottle that you want to uncork, but in your heart you know that a glass or two of it might go to waste. If only there… [Read more...]

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As in most offices (we can only assume), we tasted a few wines this afternoon. The theme: Southern Rhône. Side by side, we tasted the 95-point RP 2010 Domaine Grand Veneur Châteauneuf Les Origines, the 2010 Paxton AAA McLaren Vale Shiraz Grenache and… [Read more...]

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Audrey Luk


What does it take to zap one full-sized 750ml bottle of wine into several 50ml mini bottles? I was going to say, “unicorn-operated magic,” but it turns out that the unicorns are unionized and intensely private. In truth, the answer… [Read more...]

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Eric Arnold

Single-glass quartino

It wasn’t long after we sat down at our table that we became convinced that the culinary explanation for the odor was not only poppycock, but that most of the restaurant staff was more fully baked than a loaf of sourdough. Much of this has to do with the quartino (pictured), the small vase-shaped vessel that many a trendy restaurant uses to serve a single glass of wine. But I’ll get there in a second. [Read more...]

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