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Rudy Kurniawan Wine collector Indonesian indonesia Zhen Wang Huang (2)

Yesterday the world of collectible wines saw one of its biggest hucksters, Rudy Kurniawan, sentenced to 10 years in prison. Among other offenses, Kurniawan was found guilty of having created hundreds of fraudulent wine bottles from noteworthy Bordeaux and Burgundy… [Read more…]

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The bigger question, though, is how to store your wines if you don’t want to invest in or maintain a wine fridge. Here are a few tips: [Read more…]

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If you’re curious how long you can keep that bottle, here are some general recommendations from The Oxford Companion to Wine on years of potential bottle aging for common grape varieties. Cheers! Red Wines    Cabernet Sauvignon (4–20)    Merlot… [Read more…]

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