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Lennon Duggan


A couple nights ago, we ordered in some food here at the office and held a blind tasting of 10 different rosé wines. Sure, you could argue that the extreme heat had prompted us to look into what makes rosés such great summer sippers. But really, we wanted to see how some of the wines that we offer through the site would stack up against some very desirable, highly esteemed and more expensive rosés. And we also wanted to prove to ourselves, in the best way possible (tasting blind), that pink wines are most definitely not all alike, and most certainly cannot be held to a stereotype. [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell

Blind Tasting Blackjack

This year for April Fools Day, I tried to dupe my wine buddies with a game we call “Blind Tasting Black Jack.” Sure, this may be the wine geek equivalent of a Star Trek enthusiast learning Klingon, but it’s a ton of fun, so lay off. [Read more…]

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Stephanie McKinnon McDade

Tasting wine blind can be equally frustrating and enlightening. Exploring its aromas and flavors without knowing what’s in your glass can drive you a little mad, whether or not it’s a stumper. But at the same time, relying only on… [Read more…]

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