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Eric Arnold

The streaming service Netflix recommends movies and TV shows you’ll like based on your prior viewing habits. So it should come as no surprise that Netflix recently suggested that I watch Red Obsession, a documentary about China’s infatuation with top-tier… [Read more…]

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Every once in awhile, we get emails and calls from customers who have basic wine questions. What’s the best kind of corkscrew? How is Champagne different from Cava or Prosecco? Was Carlo Rossi a real guy? (Yes, but his name… [Read more…]

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Eric Arnold

The view from the rooftop.

Last weekend, we were invited to a party on a friend’s rooftop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. On the way there, my wife and I grabbed a $35 grower Champagne at the wine shop, as the hosts were celebrating both… [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell

off the beaten burgundian path 2

I’ve literally been at an auction where I saw someone buy a case of 1990 La Tache for tens of thousands of dollars and was elated that he had gotten such a good deal. Fortunately, not all Burgundy is as well known as La Tache. [Read more…]

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Mindy Joyce

I’m fascinated every time I watch the Tour de France — and no, I’m not just talking men in cycling gear (although that is a bonus!). This is probably the sporting event that inspires me to travel the most. France… [Read more…]

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