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Tim Vidra

Chicken Marsala - Lot18

Most of us have that bottle of Marsala wine stored away that was served once as an aperitif then shoved into the cabinet and forgotten about. If you fall into that category alongside me, then this recipe will help bring that bottle… [Read more…]

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Tim Vidra

Wings and Blue Cheese

Everyone will probably be seeing their share of wings this Super Bowl weekend. I wanted to share one of my favorite wing recipes that you may not see as regularly as traditional buffalo-style wings. This variation isn’t sopping in sauce and… [Read more…]

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Tim Vidra

Featured Image

It appears that fall is finally upon us. As the evenings get cooler and the leaves change, we slow down the cooking — opting for soups, stews and the braising of meats to fill our houses with all the scents… [Read more…]

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