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Every once in awhile, we get emails and calls from customers who have basic wine questions. What’s the best kind of corkscrew? How is Champagne different from Cava or Prosecco? Was Carlo Rossi a real guy? (Yes, but his name… [Read more…]

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Sheri Sauter Morano

Food and wine pairing is a topic that is somehow both incredibly complex and completely simple at the same time. Complex because there can be so many different nuances that go into creating a fabulous pairing. Simple because when it… [Read more…]

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Kara Newman

“I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food I’m cooking.” –Julia Child Oh, Julia, how well you understood. I, too, prefer to consume wine while cooking. I keep a glass next to the stovetop as… [Read more…]

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