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Tim Vidra

DIY Cheese Board Lot18

A guest’s compliment on the table spread provides a wonderful feeling. Being able to reply that you actually made the center serving piece – that much better. With a quick trip to your local hardware store and about 30 minutes of assembly time, you… [Read more…]

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Tim Vidra

Wine Cork Trivet — Lot18

On this blog we’ve demonstrated several cork-related projects, including wine cork magnets and wine cork garden markers — each fun and easy crafts to use up that collection of corks that always seems to grow. Today, it’s trivets on which you… [Read more…]

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Tim Vidra

Oyster Po' Boy

Since sharing my method for restoring and seasoning cast iron pans, I’ve had my heart (and stomach) set on frying up some oysters, namely Skillet-Fried Oyster Po’ Boys. The Po’ Boy is one of those classic sandwiches, rich with history — many might claim it originated in the French Quarter of New Orleans. You’ll find several variations on this old favorite from soft shell crab to shrimp and catfish to name a few. Today we’ll concentrate on my favorite version. [Read more…]

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Katherine Ramos

Riesling No 5

Bergamot, rose, jasmine, spice and peach with woody notes. While this might sound like a tasting note, it actually describes Guerlain’s classic fragrance, Mitsouko. And should you find yourself sniffing black cherry, raspberry, plum and vanilla, you’ve either poured a California Cab — or doused yourself in Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy. [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell

Historically, bitters have served cocktails as salt has cooking. Just one or two drops can heighten all the other flavors in the mix, while a lack can leave even an otherwise balanced cocktail flat, bland and without direction. Recently, however,… [Read more…]

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