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Tim Vidra

Oyster Po' Boy

Since sharing my method for restoring and seasoning cast iron pans, I’ve had my heart (and stomach) set on frying up some oysters, namely Skillet-Fried Oyster Po’ Boys. The Po’ Boy is one of those classic sandwiches, rich with history — many might claim it originated in the French Quarter of New Orleans. You’ll find several variations on this old favorite from soft shell crab to shrimp and catfish to name a few. Today we’ll concentrate on my favorite version. [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell

Historically, bitters have served cocktails as salt has cooking. Just one or two drops can heighten all the other flavors in the mix, while a lack can leave even an otherwise balanced cocktail flat, bland and without direction. Recently, however,… [Read more…]

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Katy Andersen

Osso buco is the classic dish to make with veal shanks, and it is as delicious as it is easy to prepare. First made in Milan, osso buco translates from Italian to “hole in the bone,” since the marrow melts… [Read more…]

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Janine Lettieri

Last time I was in upstate New York vacationing in the Catskills, I discovered an awesome farm stand in the town of Bearsville. Not only did they have fresh summer veggies, berries, and dairy, but they also had beautiful smoked… [Read more…]

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Laura Turner Garrison

We’ve still got a long way to go before Labor Day, folks. Heat has decided to summer in your backyard this year, and you just have to make do. So why not combine relaxation and refreshment when you’re looking to… [Read more…]

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