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Tim Vidra

Spirited Cocktails Lot18

The holiday season is officially upon us! With family, friends and festive gatherings abound, I’ve concocted this roundup of 8 of my favorite holiday cocktails to keep things “spirited” all season long. It’s cider season, and this bourbon apple cider garnished with rosemary is… [Read more…]

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Sheri Sauter Morano

Most people tend to think that wine education has to be stuffy. Well, not in my world. While there is a lot to learn, there are also lots of different – and fun – ways to do it. Recently, I… [Read more…]

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Dini Rao

I’ll admit it. I host dinner parties as an excuse to open great bottles of wine. While I live in the restaurant mecca of New York City, I find dinners at my place give me a chance to drink much… [Read more…]

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