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Audrey Luk

Duck with Pears

Today, my good friend Alex is receiving the Cartaví Internacional award for the Spanish selection of her wine list at Veritas, in New York. On many a night, Alex and I hosted impromptu dinner parties with amazing food and wine –… [Read more…]

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Eric Lawrence Brown

Going down Vineyard Drive in Paso Robles – one of the longer roads in the area – rounding its crazy curves, it’s normal to run into a gaggle of wild turkeys. Vineyard managers have to worry about wild pigs eating… [Read more…]

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Katherine Ramos

I used to only drink beer at cookouts — a cooler of assorted brews seemed like an all-American staple while roasting meat in the great outdoors. But on a Fourth of July a few years back, hosting a barbecue in… [Read more…]

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Elana Effrat

Sangria is fruity, delicious, alcoholic anarchy. There are no rules outside of it having a wine base along with fruit and some sort of spirits. Over the years, I’ve experimented with combinations of flavors that sometimes have wound up in… [Read more…]

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