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Tim Vidra

Lobster Rolls —Lot18

You may have thought the lobster roll originated in Maine, but further research shows it came from a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut, called Perry’s around 1929. Well, no sense in hopping in the car to head to Milford, as the restaurant has long since closed…. [Read more…]

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Katy Andersen

Hurricane mania gripped the East Coast over the weekend. Here in Manhattan, we either evacuated or hunkered down with a few wine bottles and steaks. Despite flooded basements or power outages, we returned to work on Monday. But for the… [Read more…]

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Katherine Ramos

Well, because it’s delicious. But it’s a bit more interesting than that. What we think of as lobster – there are other related species – is a distinctly American luxury native to the frigid waters of Maine and surrounding East… [Read more…]

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