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Audrey Luk


What does it take to zap one full-sized 750ml bottle of wine into several 50ml mini bottles? I was going to say, “unicorn-operated magic,” but it turns out that the unicorns are unionized and intensely private. In truth, the answer… [Read more...]

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Audrey Luk

Check out the awesome grill marks Punky made on the pork chop!

“We have a brûlée torch if you want to brûlée anything,” Punky typed to me by way of apology that her oven wasn’t working. This is going to be awesome, I thought! And by this, I mean going to Napa and cooking… [Read more...]

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Eric Arnold


Last week I had the good fortune to be traveling through Napa and Sonoma, with harvest in full swing. Growers on both sides of the county line are predicting an outstanding year, in terms of quality and quantity alike. The… [Read more...]

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Lennon Duggan


But, every 12-wedding summer has its silver lining. For some, it might be loose-moraled bridesmaids. For me, however, it was finding myself close to a winery I’d discovered through my job here at Lot18. On the drive out to my friend’s house in Geyserville on Friday afternoon, I noticed that we were less than five-minutes from the Trione Vineyards. [Read more...]

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Steve Unwin

And we’re back. It’s time for “Terroir, Part Two,” and this time it’s all about location, location, location. Last week we talked about soil composition and you graduated with a license to use the word alluvial. This week we’ll work “macroclimate”… [Read more...]

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