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Audrey Luk

Moroccan Carrot Salad

The bottle of 1996 Barbaresco called to me twice. The first time was when I bought it in Baltimore. The second was when I opened it for a special three-year-and-nine-day anniversary dinner – Brooklyn Beer Geek sure didn’t see that… [Read more…]

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Nicole Niebisch

I recently sat down with Pietro Ratti, winemaker of the historic Renato Ratti Estate in Italy’s Piedmont region to taste his 2004 Renato Ratti Rocche Marcenasco Barolo, and to talk about Barolo and his late father’s contributions to the region’s… [Read more…]

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Matthew Conway

big reds and steak

Beef and red wine have been paired together since cows were born or grapes first grew on the vine (whatever came first). Steak houses are the cathedral for this pairing. [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell

Everyone always associates the phrase ‘wine pairings’ with selecting food that complements a bottle of wine. Maybe it’s because I went to school to study jazz drums or the fact that our office has a DJ booth, but I feel that something as subjective as wine should go hand in hand with music. [Read more…]

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Steve Unwin

This week’s sports frenzy presents an issue for me, as I believe the closest I’ve ever been to a tailgate party involved a bad parking spot, mistaken identity, and a pack of Johnsonville Brats. It wasn’t pleasant for anybody involved…. [Read more…]

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