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Tim Vidra

Gravlax — Lot18

  We have all seen it packaged in the store or on that Sunday buffet — lox, which is salmon cured in salt, also known as gravlax. The process of making it originated with fisherman in the middle ages who would pack… [Read more...]

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Eric Arnold


A couple weeks ago, I joined several other writers, sommeliers and buyers at a tasting of New Zealand wine led by the legendary Oz Clarke, the man behind all those famous wine guides. Silly me, I always assume that when… [Read more...]

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Late last week, Lot18’s Susana Arce and Kate Robertson brought four wines to a $15 million Manhattan midtown penthouse, and poured them for the potential future homeowners gathered for the filming of the season finale of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing…. [Read more...]

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Matthew Conway


During the summer here at Restaurant Marc Forgione, we always serve a Sancerre rouge chilled by the glass and it has become a fan favorite of our staff and customer base. [Read more...]

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Bonnie Graves

How many of you have been seduced by a sale price only to open it up and realize, “Yep, it tastes cheap”? After years of working as a sommelier and wine consultant, I have an insider’s advantage: I can calculate… [Read more...]

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