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Wine Tasting

We are asked all the time about the new wine brands that appear in Tasting Room shipments and on Lot18. Neptune’s Trident? The Stub? The Tender? Mythmaker? I’ve never heard of ANY of these wineries! Where are all these wines… [Read more…]

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Tim Vidra

Gravlax — Lot18

  We have all seen it packaged in the store or on that Sunday buffet — lox, which is salmon cured in salt, also known as gravlax. The process of making it originated with fisherman in the middle ages who would pack… [Read more…]

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Eric Arnold


A couple weeks ago, I joined several other writers, sommeliers and buyers at a tasting of New Zealand wine led by the legendary Oz Clarke, the man behind all those famous wine guides. Silly me, I always assume that when… [Read more…]

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Late last week, Lot18’s Susana Arce and Kate Robertson brought four wines to a $15 million Manhattan midtown penthouse, and poured them for the potential future homeowners gathered for the filming of the season finale of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing…. [Read more…]

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Matthew Conway


During the summer here at Restaurant Marc Forgione, we always serve a Sancerre rouge chilled by the glass and it has become a fan favorite of our staff and customer base. [Read more…]

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