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Eric Arnold

Single-glass quartino

It wasn’t long after we sat down at our table that we became convinced that the culinary explanation for the odor was not only poppycock, but that most of the restaurant staff was more fully baked than a loaf of sourdough. Much of this has to do with the quartino (pictured), the small vase-shaped vessel that many a trendy restaurant uses to serve a single glass of wine. But I’ll get there in a second. [Read more…]

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Matthew Conway

Good Tips

In my last post I tried to address a little wine lingo to get started — and we will get back to that in future posts — but I wanted to give restaurant goers a few quick suggestions on how to get the best out of your wine experience. [Read more…]

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Bonnie Graves

Statistically speaking, there’s approximately two restaurants that close for every new opening and yet, would-be restaurateurs can’t dive into the biz fast enough. You know the old adage about how a “fool and his money are soon parted”? It’s doubly… [Read more…]

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