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Every once in awhile, we get emails and calls from customers who have basic wine questions. When should I decant? What’s the perfect temperature setting on a wine fridge? Are screw caps really ok? (Yes, in fact they’re often better… [Read more…]

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Audrey Luk

Our superstar Member Services team tastes all of the wines live on Lot18, making them a go-to resource for any questions you might have about a bottle you are considering. Here, Andrew Grimm and Janine Beydoun chat about why rosé… [Read more…]

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Matthew Conway


Alright, I am a HUGE rosé fan and I drink them year round. I do realize that most look to drink these wines during the summer. As the season it is about come to an end, I wanted to highlight… [Read more…]

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Nicole Niebisch

Enjoying Asado and Malbec with mi amigo Gonzalo Perez at La Barra.

On my first visit to Argentina this July, I learned about a national holiday that carries a sentiment so wonderful and obvious I wondered why the US, a consumer economy that finds any reason to develop marketing campaigns driving us to celebrate (aka buy and consume), had not yet picked up on it. [Read more…]

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Katherine Ramos

Sunset on Lembongan Island, Near Bali, Indonesia

While White Zinfandel might not be as trendy today as it was during its cultural heyday in the 1980s, its shadow still looms over the world of rosé. Lots of otherwise rational wine drinkers still avoid pink like the plague,… [Read more…]

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