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Tim Vidra

Sangria Recipes — Lot18

Summertime calls for refreshing and cooling libations. Sangria is a great choice, mostly because the main ingredient is wine. The one ingredient that isn’t always the same, though, is what you add to the wine. Here are 10 delicious recipes… [Read more…]

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Tim Vidra

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Nothing is quite as refreshing as a crisp glass of white wine to fend of summer heat unless of course you are eating one of these white sangria ice pops! [Read more…]

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Back on April 24th, we asked Lot18 members on Facebook to share their best sangria recipes for a chance to win a $50 credit. After rigorous testing in the office, we were able to pick two winners. [Read more…]

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Elana Effrat

Sangria is fruity, delicious, alcoholic anarchy. There are no rules outside of it having a wine base along with fruit and some sort of spirits. Over the years, I’ve experimented with combinations of flavors that sometimes have wound up in… [Read more…]

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