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Tim Vidra

Dijon Scallops — Lot18

Scallops seem to be one of those favorite foods we aren’t afraid to order in a restaurant, but might overlook or pass by at the seafood counter. But there’s no reason at all to shy away from bringing these bivalves home and preparing them… [Read more…]

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Audrey Luk

FKS teaser appetizer: toasted lard bread topped with melted Manchego and bread and butter pickles

When liter-sized Grüners started showing up on wine-shop shelves, I found myself bypassing its lithe cousins, Riesling bottles, and making Grüner my go-to wine for pairing with fresh summer fare. Or any fare, for that matter. [Read more…]

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Katy Andersen

When a brick of pink Himalayan sea salt arrived on my desk, there were a lot of questions in our office. Namely, how do you use it? The simple answer is, you can cook with it. But not in traditional… [Read more…]

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