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Audrey Luk

Our superstar Member Services team tastes all of the wines live on Lot18, making them a go-to resource for any questions you might have about a bottle you are considering. Here, Andrew Grimm and Janine Beydoun chat about why rosé… [Read more…]

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Stephanie McKinnon McDade

I have wine tasting notes everywhere: jotted on cocktail napkins, keyed into my iPhone, and scribbled on the back of envelopes and in countless reporter pads. They’re mixed in with shopping lists, class lecture notes and old interviews. They’re like… [Read more…]

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Steve Unwin

As part of Lot18’s member-facing contingent, it is hard for me to escape tasting notes. These magical few paragraphs transform a humble glass of grape juice into an alluring experience; the prose, once waxed lyrically enough, can convince the hardiest… [Read more…]

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