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Have you always wanted to visit Tuscany? If you love traditional Chianti or innovative Super Tuscans, this region is a must-visit for incredible wine and food. While our “Italian Food Lover’s Getaway: Florence & Chianti” offer provides the opportunity to… [Read more…]

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Steve Unwin

And we’re back. It’s time for “Terroir, Part Two,” and this time it’s all about location, location, location. Last week we talked about soil composition and you graduated with a license to use the word alluvial. This week we’ll work “macroclimate”… [Read more…]

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Kara Newman

Have any summer trips planned? Even if wine’s your passion rather than profession, you can use the opportunity to learn more about it with just a bit of planning. According to Rajat Parr, wine director of the Mina Group and… [Read more…]

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