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Pete Hempstead


Mention the words Cloudy Bay around Sauvignon Blanc lovers and mouths start watering. Cloudy Bay is the producer that not only introduced Sauvignon Blanc to a generation of wine lovers but also helped put New Zealand on the map. No,… [Read more…]

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Matthew Conway

big reds and steak

Beef and red wine have been paired together since cows were born or grapes first grew on the vine (whatever came first). Steak houses are the cathedral for this pairing. [Read more…]

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Eric Arnold

Fresh Thai ingredients

Ricker is the proprietor of Thai restaurant Pok Pok in Brooklyn but, I should note, the experience occurred entirely by accident. I’d been invited to a cooking class and wine pairing in a place I least expected to find one: the eighth floor of Macy’s in Herald Square. After weaving through the perfume counters to the elevators, my skepticism only grew … [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell


Last Friday, our copywriter Audrey Luk herded the rest of the editorial team down to 27th and Madison for our weekly Fast Food Friday meal. We strolled up to the matte black and green truck, and after a quick survey of the extensive menu – falafel sandwich or falafel platter – placed my order at the side window.

“What’s good?” I asked sarcastically.
“Everything, Bra’,” was the reply. [Read more…]

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Audrey Luk

Boquerones Bruschetta

Just the thought of drinking Sauvignon Blanc makes me want to be outside. Its signature notes of citrus fruits and minerals give it a supreme sense of place, whether the wine originates from the maritime climes of Bordeaux or sunny… [Read more…]

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