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Eric Arnold

Rudy Kurniawan Wine collector Indonesian indonesia Zhen Wang Huang (2)

Yesterday the world of collectible wines saw one of its biggest hucksters, Rudy Kurniawan, sentenced to 10 years in prison. Among other offenses, Kurniawan was found guilty of having created hundreds of fraudulent wine bottles from noteworthy Bordeaux and Burgundy… [Read more...]

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Every once in awhile, we get emails and calls from customers who have basic wine questions. When should I decant? What’s the perfect temperature setting on a wine fridge? Are screw caps really ok? (Yes, in fact they’re often better… [Read more...]

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Tim Vidra

Sangria Recipes — Lot18

Summertime calls for refreshing and cooling libations. Sangria is a great choice, mostly because the main ingredient is wine. The one ingredient that isn’t always the same, though, is what you add to the wine. Here are 10 delicious recipes… [Read more...]

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Tim Vidra

10 Wine Based Recipes

Let’s make a toast to learning new recipes in the New Year! Today I’ve rounded up 10 recipes that let you enjoy cooking with wine as of one of the key ingredients. By all means, enjoying a glass at the same… [Read more...]

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Tim Vidra

Cork Projects Header

I’ve shared a couple of simple cork projects here on Aftertaste – you might remember the wine cork garden markers or the wine cork magnets. With the official start to autumn comes the first stretch of holiday gatherings, and when each has come to a… [Read more...]

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