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Late last week, Lot18’s Susana Arce and Kate Robertson brought four wines to a $15 million Manhattan midtown penthouse, and poured them for the potential future homeowners gathered for the filming of the season finale of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing…. [Read more...]

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Audrey Luk


I can’t think of many winemakers who came to the business with more of an outsider status than Michael. He told me with pride, “I’ve done this all on my own.” [Read more...]

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Sheri Sauter Morano

I’ll never forget my very first wine purchase, a few days after my 21st birthday. I knew enough to recognize some grape varieties, but I didn’t really understand what made each unique. So I went in search of one example… [Read more...]

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Bonnie Graves

Let’s face it. The wine industry, much like the Star Wars franchise, attracts a fair amount of geeks. Those obsessive-compulsive white, male, over-fifty attorneys who worship Parker aren’t so very different from their younger, obsessive-compulsive white, male brethren who worship… [Read more...]

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Stephanie McKinnon McDade

Zinfandel entered my life like a divine lightning bolt. A California newbie in the mid ’90s, I thought I had discovered the mother lode in the Sacramento Safeway, where I found a plethora of juicy, rich, wines for under $5…. [Read more...]

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