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Audrey Luk

The Walking Bread Pudding

The other day I spied a five-day-old unsliced baguette in my kitchen and satisfyingly kneed it in half. I put more force into it than was necessary, but it felt good, even though my jeans were temporarily showered with crumbs. I wasn’t in a bad mood. I was just curious as to how hard the bread had become after the stale point. After that carb-rate (say it like karate), I set my sights on the second baguette I didn’t use for a cheese tasting, one that I’d sliced on the edible day it was born. I had plans for this zombie baguette. [Read more…]

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Chris Hallowell

Today at the Lot18 office, everyone is talking about the Oscars. Frankly, I’m disappointed in my co-workers. Let’s get our priorities straight people; there was a new episode of The Walking Dead last night. Movie awards are fine and all,… [Read more…]

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